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DmC: Devil May Cry PlayStation 3 Impressions

Capcom has been taking s few risks this generation and so far it’s been getting mix reactions from fans. They transformed Resident Evil, a survival horror game into a mindless action game with next to no horror elements and now they have outsourced one of their biggest IPs to Ninja Theory, the developers behind two underrated games: Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

I recently got a chance to play through the first 10 chapters of DmC: Devil May Cry and even though I must admit that the game has the typical Ninja Theory feel, it ultimately feels a wee bit similar to other games in the hack and slash genre.

I thought it would be best to segregate my impressions in a few points, some good and some that would need work by the developers.

Sex and Devil May Cry Don’t Go Hand In Hand

Sex doesn’t sell games. I have always held this opinion and will continue to do so. A franchise like Devil May Cry does not need women wearing skimpy clothes and seducing Dante. In the initial chapters, Dante is needlessly shown as a sexual deviant and this apparently makes zero sense within the story. It seems that developers are forgetting that it’s the gameplay that will sell copies. Showing women in skimpy clothes just to make Dante look cool and stylish falls flat on the ground.

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