Backyard Grilling and Tasting Fine Wine

Many Americans are in agreement that nothing beats a splendidly grilled steak, a juicy pork loin or a tender lamb - particularly when accompanied with the right glass of full-bodied wine.

Australians, likewise, have passion for grilling. While the men and women from down under are enjoying their "shrimp on the barbie" or their pork, ribs or steak, they additionally have a liking for their most beloved glass of wine. Regularly, that wine will be a Shiraz, a favorite in Australia. Shiraz, with its rich character, is splendidly suited to complement the tastes of grill cuisines. In fact, one Australian winery has long been recognized for specifically making amazing Shiraz wines that are ideal for all seasons, but stands out during summer when grilling is popular.

Keep in mind that wine has the power, taste, smell and character to supplement practically anything you can grill. Numerous properties become an integral factor when picking the wine type that match well with grilled food. Things to consider include the type of sauce, uses of smoke, and grilling system being used.

Grilling squash

Most meat and wine pairings have long been established by food and wine connoisseurs. Here are a couple of suggestions for you to try:

- Barbecues are best paired with Zinfandels and Syrahs. But fruity tasting wines like rosé are amazing especially for sweet sauces.

- For grilled seafood, white wines have long been a favorite among enthusiasts.

- Grilled vegetables can be enoyed with Chablis or Chardonnay.

Guidelines and books have been published both online and offline so that consumers can make intelligent attempts in pairing wines with their favorite grilled dishes. What's fascinating are the rationale for the selection. They consider factors of various kinds including type of marinades or sauces involved and cooking methods put to use.

For example, some suggests when eating barbecue with spicy, smoky flavor such as Cajun bbq, then perhaps citrus and fruity wine should be your choice. Fruity wine has citric acid that can refresh the pallate as you eat.

Additionally, tangy sauces are best with dry wines such as rosé and Sauvignon Blanc. A favorite among food and wine pairings is Chianti with tomato-based sauces. So almost any bbq sauce where ketchup is mixed-in is a candidate.

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