What Is Fox's 2018 Mystery Marvel Project?

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Fox has made their move in the great superhero movie arms race: last week they announced 2017 release dates not only for a third Wolverine and a second (also fourth!) Fantastic Four, but a 2018 berth for a "mystery" Marvel movie. Unlike Marvel Studios, who own a plethora of original characters and thus a bevy of potential franchises, Fox only owns X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. 

Of course, within those properties are dozens of potential spinoffs. Sony is really pushing it by turning the Spider-Man villains into potential tentpole stars. But the X-Mens eries holds infinite mutant possibilities for a number of strong characters. And whileThe Fantastic Four are just re-starting their mythos, the core group have several satellite affiliations that could make the transition from the page to the silver screen. The question remains: who will we see in 2018? Here are six strong possibilities

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