Interview with Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards

Badass New “Awakens” Poster For ‘Godzilla’

Gareth Edwards is exhausted. As ‘Godzilla‘ prepares to open in theaters this week, it marks the end of a four-year journey for the British director. After getting some insight into his production schedule and doing a little math, we calculated that Edwards worked over 13,500 hours making ‘Godzilla’. If you worked a normal 40-hour work week, that’s over six years of work, and Edwards did that in just two years of filming and post-production. It’s an interesting shift for a director who got his start in the business by winning a film challenge where a movie had to be created, start-to-finish, in just two days.

Go Gareth Edwards is tired, but, as he notes, he’s certainly not complaining (“The sound of someone complaining about directing ‘Godzilla’…that’s a guy you want to punch in the face.”). The good news for Edwards is, the work has paid off, with this trilling new ‘Godzilla’ movie. We caught up with Edwards recently in New York City to talk about his lack of sleep, what specific sounds made up Godzilla’s new roar and the many easter eggs he has hidden throughout the movie.

It’s been a while for you, right? You’ve been working on this movie for about four years?

It’s not a relief until the film comes out and we know how it’s doing. For a year-and-a-half it was kind of in a loose development phase. It was more of, is it going to happen or is it not going to happen? And, then as soon as they pulled the trigger on it, it was non-stop for two years. It was relentless. Probably in the last two years, I had a total of, like, five days off or something. And, they weren’t really days off.

When you were working, how much sleep would you get on any given night?

When you’re filming, you get about four or five hours a night. But, the problem is, it’s every single day. So, you don’t get Sundays off or anything. Well, you do in theory, but Sundays for me were either filming with second unit, or having to go through an infinite lists of tasks and prepare for the next week. It’s just non-stop. You can’t keep up with it. The train is going faster than you can keep up with it, so you just have to keep running and running. I can’t complain though.

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