BATMAN v SUPERMAN May Be The Most Expensive Movie Ever

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to need to be a massive hit if this new report about its budget is to be believed! According to Latino-Review, that has now rocketed to a whopping $410 million. That's an insane amount and puts the movie on track to being the most expensive ever shot. If it grosses over $1 billion (as any movie starring Batman and Superman really should), then it will be a worthwhile investment, but if things go wrong...well, that could spell disaster for Warner Bros.' upcoming DC Comics slate! So, why is it so expensive? The site puts it down to, "the addition of big name cast members, practical sets, and an extended production schedule could have all contributed." Don't go expecting the two part Justice League to be anywhere near as expensive as Avengers: Infinity War though, as the budget for those is reportedly around the $500 million mark for both in total. The movie is expected to shoot in London for 16 month in total, so it will be interesting to see if we get any set photos or if the whole thing will be done in studio. Thoughts?

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