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Club life comes to DragonCon at 'Alice's Steamy Mad Tea Pool Party'

Alice's Steamy Mad Tea Pool Party

Things got hot at Dragon*Con on Sunday night when secretroom.net hosted "Alice's Steamy Mad Tea Pool Party". Party goers started filtering in early in the evening, drawn in by the sounds of the talented DJs. Costumes reflected the overall Dragon*Con vibe where anything goes.

Leading up to the party event planners were told that anyone could attend, somewhat bucking the newer rules of having to have a Dragon*Con badge to enter the hotels. However, just hours before the party was to start a blast announcement via Facebook said that the party wouldn't be open as originally anticipated. This left many hopeful attendees out in the cold.

For those that did get in, they were treated to live music, dancers, and various performances throughout the night. Aside from the interesting nature of the event, there was always the favorite Dragon*Con activity of people watching.

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